Sunday, 27 March 2011

blogging at last

So I made a blog, oo-rah!

Currently sat here knowing what I want to do for a final project but knowing that I can't really do anything as I need a new sketch book, ugh, but still, I think I might base it on the star wars droids, you know, like making a robot or something. 5 weeks to go and I'm still at square one. 

Been playing a lot of League of Legends lately playing as Javan IV and Kassadin. Such fun characters to play. Also, My friend harry also got me a PS2 with FFXII, so i've been enjoying that quite a lot. Last nights LoL game wen't really well, rolling 10-0-2 :D in a 5v5. You should also check out my friends journilst site which you can find >HERE<. He does some very good reviews and his most recent post is that on HOMEFRONT.

Happy gaming :D 


  1. Been meaning to get into LoL, the more of I hear of it.

  2. You should man. It's an awesome game. If you do let me know :D